Testimonial -Ruth Eckert

I first started seeing Dr. Melinda in early 2015.  Before that, I saw a chiropractor in St. Joseph & an acupuncturist in Overland Park.  I had heard wonderful things about Dr. Melinda – and it turns out they are all true!  At my first visit, Dr. Melinda took a great amount of time to go over my medical history, which at that time included numerous prescriptions for allergies and a history of lower back, neck and daily facial pain.  Dr. Melinda gave me my Wellness Plan at my second visit and suggested trying the Paleo food plan – she thought I may have food allergies in addition to seasonal allergies.

After several chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture sessions, plus converting to the Paleo lifestyle, I was able to stop using numerous nasal sprays & other prescription medicines. I now know what my “trigger” foods are, and I feel great!  My  allergist & ear/nose/throat doctors are amazed that I am no longer visiting them several times a year for infections.  Both have told me they are encouraging their other patients to try chiropractic and acupuncture.  My previous chiropractor had told me I have arthritis in my lower back – but after Dr. Melinda’s adjustments I rarely have any lower back pain.

If anyone is skeptical about trying acupuncture – give it a try!  It is painless – and I consider it a 20 minute nap.

Ruth Eckert

Kinesio Tape Working for Local Marathon Runner

A patient presented having suffered chronic knee pain for several years, having to wear braces on both of her knees in order to run. After applying Kinesio Tape at Trusted Care Chiropractic in Atchison, she was able to run Warrior Dash and a marathon the following weekend without braces AND without pain. She just recently completed the Hospital Hill Marathon and had this to say:


“I ran hospital hill with my best time ever! 2 hours and 17 minutes! About two months ago I started having horrible knee pain. It was so bad that I went to the doctor who told me I would not be able to run hills because that aggravated my knee. Running wasn’t the problem but I was told hills were not a good idea. I went to Melinda for a shot in the dark with KT tape. She wrapped me for warrior dash and I was amazed I had no pain! I ran 3 miles the next day on hills to see if it was just a coincidence and still no pain! She wrapped me with RockTape for my full 26.2 Marathon in Lincoln and it worked. Less than a month later I ran hospital hill with this snazzy blue argyle print RockTape and was able to do what I thought was going to be almost impossible for me again. I also wear it when I do crossfit like workouts at Kôr Gym which allows me to do all the moves I want to be able to handle! Thanks Melinda!”

– Randa Falk