Meet Grace

Grace Mulcahy is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and a Certified Perinatal Mental Therapist. Grace has been in practice for 16 years, and has been providing mental health services to women, children and families in the Atchison community for over 10 years.

Grace has worked in public and private school settings, community health organizations, private practice and within higher education. Grace also serves as an educator and speaker for community groups, mental health providers and healthcare professionals.

Her goal is to create a safe, compassionate space for you to work through the challenges that are impacting your quality of life. 

As a Clinical Social Worker, Grace works with most mental health diagnoses, including Anxiety Disorders, Depression, and is trained in EMDR, for those diagnosed with PTSD. As a Certified Perinatal Mental Health Therapist, Grace is equipped to help support women in all stages of motherhood, particularly those who are experiencing perinatal or postpartum depression, anxiety, OCD or birth trauma. Grace is also trained to provide grief support to women and couples experiencing the loss of a child, miscarriage and fertility challenges.

To inquire about scheduling with Grace, please email a phone consultation.