• Excellent! I have chronic problems and she helped me so much. We came up with an overall plan and I am feeling alot better. I trust Dr. Melinda Pregont.

    Heather G.E Avatar Heather G.E
    November 21, 2019
  • Dr. Melinda Pregont has been a God send, she has kept me going when I didn't think I would be able to . When I first seen her I was in bad shape and thought that " This would be my life " but with adjustments and acupuncture and essential oils that do pain relief to relaxing and helps sore muscles I have been able to keep going in all aspects of my life. Like me and so many other people you think it is all over , but it doesn't have to be give Dr. Melinda a chance to try and help you !!

    Ernie Bautista Avatar Ernie Bautista
    October 2, 2018
  • I went in with quite a bit of pain, I had been to a chiropractor before, but it just never helped. Melinda was AMAZING! She got me adjusted and feeling WONDERFUL! She really takes the time to talk to you about what is important. She doesn’t make you feel like “just another client” she really makes you feel important and valued! The visit was very personalized! I will refer her to anyone I talk to about it! I can’t say enough great things about her! I am very excited to go back! She’s wonderful!

    lindsay cave Avatar lindsay cave
    August 24, 2018
  • Dr. Melinda is amazing! My entire family sees her on a regular basis and we could not be happier with the level of service and care she provides! Our son is very shy and she works so well with him to make him feel comfortable during his adjusts and she also began adjusting our daughter when she was just three days old to help alleviate some issues she had from the birthing process. Not only does she provide adjustments for my family, but she is also very knowledgeable in other natural ways to alleviate issues and I frequently turn to her for guidance. From my prenatal care, to my husband and our children, she has gone above and beyond and I would highly recommend seeing her!

    Kylee Weber Avatar Kylee Weber
    August 22, 2018
  • I have been going to see Dr. Melinda for about a year now. She is very thorough on her care plan. I usually get a manual adjustment, acupuncture and some physical therapy stretching. I would recommend her to anyone. She has a very approachable "bedside" manner and truly cares and is passionate about her patients.

    Tim Vanderweide Avatar Tim Vanderweide
    July 7, 2018
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